Brian May, guitarrista de Queen, pide respetar cuarentena

Brian May

El guitarrista de Queen, Brian May, ha publicado un mensaje en Instagram sobre el coronavirus, intentando concientizar a sus seguidores sobre la enfermedad y los peligros que esta representa

Siento que esta es la cosa más importante que nunca haya publicado. Hay mucha información falsa -gente diciendo que el coronavirus no es una amenaza- incluso que no existe”.

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I feel this might be THE MOST IMPORTANT THING I EVER POSTED. There is so much false information out there - people saying the CoronaVirus is not a threat - even that it doesn’t exist. And our own Government has failed to act promptly, acting on catastrophically bad advice, which will eventually be the cause of thousands of deaths. It’s too late to contain the CoronaVirus in Britain - but we CAN still save some of the lives of our dear ones by doing NOW what we should have done 3 weeks ago. ISOLATE - minimise our social contacts. Minimise them, if possible, to almost zero. The more interactions you have, the more chance you have of bringing the virus in to threaten your family. The less people you meet up with, the better the chance of saving yourself and your family, and the greater chance we will have to limit the damage this awful plague will do. PLEASE READ the article these screen shots come from. It will take you 30 minutes or so to absorb it - but at the end you will truly understand why we must take extreme measures NOW. Do not confuse this with panicking. It is simply taking the measures we need to adopt to protect ourselves from a Hellish future. THE LINK IS IN MY BIO. Do it, please - and forward it to all your friends and family. This could save countless lives. My God - I am praying that Boris will read it - and throw his advisors out the door. Extreme Action is needed - delaying is shite. And please, politicians, stop talking about the economy, just for a moment. A million lives are at stake. Bri

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También ha criticado a las autoridades británicas diciendo que no han actuado con puntualidad y los consejos que han dado han sido malos, los cuales serán la causa de miles de muertes.

Es muy tarde para contener el coronavirus en Gran Bretaña”, añadió, “Pero todavía podemos salvar algunas de las vidas de nuestros seres queridos haciendo ahora lo que tendríamos que haber hecho hace tres semanas. Aislarnos, minimizar nuestros contactos sociales”.

El guitarrista propone minimizar los contactos sociales hasta casi cero, ya que entre más interacciones se tengan, más oportunidad se tendrá de convertir el virus en una amenaza para la familia.

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In my living room at home - where else ?! I seem to have most all my usual channels to entertain you ... so maybe here on IG is the place to perform micro concerts across the ether. Is that a good plan ? This is my contribution to the Common Good tonight. A raw cheer-up outburst. Living Room Rock ! IG-ROCK ! Is this the future ? To all you folks out there feeling as disorientated as I do - let’s isolate together !!! And keep rockin’ together !! OK ? With love. Yours truly - your friendly neighbourhood chap who clearly imagines he’s in Hawaii !!! Apologies for the annoying opening ‘So’ - yes, I know. But my this was a big ‘SO !’ - so maybe I can be forgiven. It will be the last one - I promise. Thanks to LYNN from Hawaii for the colourful attire. Bri

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Pide a los políticos que, solo por un momento, dejen de hablar de economía ya que millones de vidas están en juego.

Aquí se puede leer el artículo que May compartió.

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